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VT RULES Vendor Rules

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VapeTips Co-Owner
VapeTips Admin
May 28, 2018
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Vendors - suppliers and others with a commercial interest
The following additional rules apply to all suppliers and other users with a commercial interest in the Electronic Cigarette Industry or associated industries.

IMPORTANT:We do not have neither the time or resources to police vendor activity in the context of the new TPD regulations (See: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e-cigarettes...products). Nevertheless we expect all vendor members to comply with TPD requirements when posting on VapeTips (including on locations linked to in UK Vaper posts). If our attention is drawn to posts in breach of this requirement we will take appropriate action, ranging from removal of offending posts to (in repeat cases) suspension of vendor accounts. In addition, we will not activate any vendors who have non TPD-compliant items for sale

You will be placed under the Trusted Vendor membership category if you are a supplier, manufacturer, affiliate or have any other vested commercial interest related to personal vapourisers (electronic cigarettes).

1. Commercial Interest: If you have any commercial interest in the personal vapouriser (electronic cigarette) industry, you must notify us by using the Contact Us form. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your account. You will be placed in a special usergroup which adds a small graphic to your profile, this graphic will notify other members that you have a commercial interest.

2. Posting rights: Commercial members have the same posting rights as regular members and are not restricted to certain areas of the forum with the following exceptions:
  • You may not post new threads in the review sections (including e-liquid reviews), but may reply to existing ones
  • You may not post at all in the Introductions sections
  • You may not post a reply to another vendor's thread in Vendor Area or in another vendor's forum
However please use common sense and discretion when responding to threads or posts, and remember that direct advertising is not permitted.

3. Links: You are permitted one single link in your signature which points to your business website. If there is more than one link present your signature will be edited by a member of staff.

4. Competitions: Any competition or giveaway posted on VT must be open to all forum members and must NOT REQUIRE people to have accounts on other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Any post requiring such things will be removed and those posting it will be subject to warnings and possible suspensions.
Not open for further replies.