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Artic Roll

Recipe details

Mix levels
Final Amount: 10ml
Final Strength: 3mg
Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70%
Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg
Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100%
Cake-Yellow (Flavor West): 3%
Cake Batter (Capella): 2%
Vanilla Bean Gelato (Perfumers Apprentice): 2%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Capella): 3%
Shisha Raspberry (Inawera): 3%
Black Currant (Perfumers Apprentice): 1%


Ingredient % of total ml drops grams
Cake-Yellow (Flavor West) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32
Cake Batter (Capella) 2.0% 0.20 5 0.21
Vanilla Bean Gelato (Perfumers Apprentice) 2.0% 0.20 5 0.21
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Capella) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32
Shisha Raspberry (Inawera) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32
Black Currant (Perfumers Apprentice) 1.0% 0.10 3 0.11
PG 16.0% 1.60 40 1.66
VG 65.8% 6.58 165 8.29
Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 0.42 11 0.52

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