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  2. So my Wake Mod Co. RTA finally came in. I haven't built on it yet, but it's quite similar to the Dotmod RTA, only better. Here are a couple of pics. I have to take care of a few things, but I'll put a build in it later and see how she vapes and let you know the major differences between it and the Dotmod RTA.
  3. https://vaporreporter.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/resistance-wire-safety-guide/ Stainless Steel 304/316 series. Safety rating- 95 (A+). SS has been used in medical procedures for years, though only recently has found its way into vaping coils. This is also the type of steel used in cookware. Why? Because it has a very high melting point (2400-2750 degrees F), and the questionable alloys in the steel (nickel being the biggest of concern) also require a high amount of heat (2200-2300 degrees F) before they begin to leach. I don't know any mainstream vaping device that can reach those levels. Stainless Steel also brings a few added bonuses to the table. 304, 316, and 317 (welding wire, also known as GPlat in the community) contains enough nickel so where it can be used in a temperature controlled device. The only downside is it can be a bit tough to work with as it's a little stiffer than any of the other metals on this list save titanium. Kanthal (Iron-Chromium-Aluminum)- 88 (B+). Kanthal was the second material used for resistance wire by vapers with good reason. Not only was it tougher than nichrome, but for those who were sensitive to nickel this was a perfect alternative. The safety concerns are two fold. Aluminum has it's own stigma around it, but the big issue is the chrome content. With enough heat it can be transformed into it's hexavalent (+6) oxide state, which is a known carcinogen, and leach. This would require you heating the coil to a orange hot state for an extended period of time. It's why you should still replace your coils at some point, not just the wicking material. My rule is after every 3rd wick replacement and dry burn to remove the gunk. I have seen it suggested from others that you should anywhere between every time you change wicks to every 6th time. Kanthal isn't compatible with temperature control devices as of writing this. Titanium- 72 (C). The first alternative to nickel for temperature control to hit the ecig scene. Ti has the highest melting point of all the materials we use (3040 degrees F), has been used in medical procedures, and is one of the toughest metals known to man. So why the average rating? Titanium Oxide, the byproduct of heating it up. The EPA and OSHA have put a limit on how much any worker can inhale during a day. This makes it a questionable material to use for vaping. As long as you aren't dry burning it, or running it too hot you should be fine, but there is no long term vape testing to say one way or the other. It's up to the user on whether or not they want to take that risk. Keep in mind this is the stiffest material to use for making coils, which depending on your build style can be a good or bad thing. NiChrome (Nickle-Chromium w/ some trace elements possible like iron)- 65 (D). Not only was it the first material vapers used for resistance wire, was the first documented material used for creating heat through electrical resistance back in 1905. It gets a very low grade on safety because it combines two metals with known issues. Nickel is a known carcinogen with other issues (will get to it), and as mentioned early Chromium Hexavalent is as well. It has a high melting point (2550 degrees F), but it doesn't do it a lot of good in real world applications because of how soft the alloy is. 32g nichrome will "pop" easier than 32g kanthal, SS, or Ti. That's not to say it doesn't have its uses. For low wattage/temperature vaping you shouldn't have any real issues. It has a lower resistance than the 3 mentioned before it, making it good for a heat sink material on some more exotic coil builds (think Clapton). It is also very flexible. For high wattage vapers or those sensitive to nickel can not suggest using it though. Nickel- 55 (F). This material gets a failing grade for a large number of reasons. 1- It's a known carcinogen linked more often than not to lung cancer. 2- There are people with nickel allergies who simply can not use this material to begin with. While it to has a high melting point (2647 degrees F), it's such a soft metal that it not only easily pops but is very hard to work with. Like NiChrome it does have a use though- As non-resistant wire (a cheaper alternative to silver or gold). It has the lowest resistance of all the materials listed, so it's the perfect choice to have electricity run through without heating it up. That's why it was used back in the day on GG Ithaka and the like as lead wires, and today is used on the SS coil heads by Aspire. Because no heat is generated by the energy flowing through it, there's almost no chance of it leaching through, meaning there's very little chance of you breathing any of it in.
  4. Looks like the V2 is about to test your love for the V1. Product Features: - Angled Upwords Airflow - Chimney Tube Adapter - 24*41.8 mm With Chimney Tube Adapter - 24*33.1mm Without Adapter - Capacity 5 ML (2.5 ML Without Adapter) - 304 Stainless Steel - 810 Derlin Drip Tip & 510 Adapter http://www.augvape.com/product/boreas-v2/ https://www.facebook.com/Augvapeofficial/posts/1743851295917779 http://www.3fvape.com/rebuildable-atomizer-supply/18533-authentic-augvape-boreas-v2-rta-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-black-stainless-steel-5ml-24mm-diameter.html?search_query=Boreas+V2&results=2#.WbsGV8uWyHk http://www.3fvape.com/rebuildable-atomizer-supply/18532-authentic-augvape-boreas-v2-rta-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-silver-stainless-steel-5ml-24mm-diameter.html?search_query=Boreas+V2&results=2#.WbsGZcuWyHk
  5. Hi guys, i dont know if you guys remember me. Last time as many remember i had problems with my dual TFV12 Rba. Well, problems continued with this RBA. But i managed to find out the problem. It was a production error on the tfv12 base. How did i i know it could be the base? Because i bought 3 tfv12 rba triple coils and none of them fitted. So i ordered the new base, wicked the coil and everything worked great. Well when i say great, how long does it work great? How many weeks? 3!!! I have had so many problems with those RBA coils i just cant stand it. So here is my problem. The ohms on the triple coil used to stay at 0.15ohms which is correct. All suddenly after 3 weeks the ohms starts to increase, all the way up to 0.30!! Why does this happen? Now it starts to taste like shit again and makes strange sounds. So what do i do? I take the coil out and remove the wick. Then i try to tighten the screws and turn it back on. Now i get ATOMIZER shortage.. So what do i do? I change to my other freshly new triple rba. It shows 0.18 which is almost correct. Then i try to take the coil of and back on the mod. Now it shows ATOMIZER shortage again, and i didnt even do anything. Wierdest thing is that when i go back to the other old coil it doesnt show Atomizer shortage no more! I just dont understand what the H is wrong. My coils are stopping to work. And those stupid coil screws cannot be tightened more. Also when i try to take out some screws some of them are stuck and impossible to get out..I try to clean pins, everything that is possible to clean. I make sure its tightened properly.. I do have a suspision there is something fked up about the screws. But what can i do when i cannot even untighten them and remove them? Well guys, i have spent so many hours trying to repair my device. This is not the first time problems are happening. I have decided to give up on vaping and go back to smoking again. Atleast smoking works...... And all the money i have spent on trying to repair my device, could have gone to some working smoke. Reasons why not to vape: 1. Expensive to repair 2. Repairs only works for a little while, then there is a new mystical problem 3. Production faulties (like my tfv12 base) 4. Problems makes you pissed off. 5. Waste of time
  6. 1. Vaping is just as bad as smoking This is the worst lie of all. There are about 36 million American smokers, and more than a billion worldwide. They don't deserve to be lied to about a product that could very well save their lives. Burning tobacco produces smoke that contains a lot of proven carcinogenic chemicals, along with combustion products like carbon monoxide that cause cardiovascular damage. Even if we can't quite say that vaping is safe, no legitimate scientist believes that e-cigarette vapor is even in the same ballpark as smoking for health risks "To undermine the public's appreciation of the severity of smoking's hazards by comparing real cigarettes to fake ones is doing a huge disservice to the public and to smokers in particular," writes Dr. Michael Siegel. "There is no legitimate scientific dispute over the fact that vaping is much safer than smoking." 2. The vape companies are luring your children! The FDA prohibits e-cigarette manufacturers from claiming their products are safer than smoking, a tool to quit smoking, smoke-free, or even that they don't contain tobacco. Being prevented from advertising truthfully any of the real benefits of vaping, the few manufacturers that advertise at all to general audiences naturally fall back on tried and true ad techniques: celebrities and glamorous imagery. And that has earned them accusations of "using the tobacco playbook" to trick teenagers into "a lifetime of nicotine addiction." The real benefit of these ads is to the worn-out politicians who grab hold of anything they can blame on "Big Tobacco." So the know-nothing political hacks blame EVERYTHING on Big Tobacco! Who's pushing "child-attracting" flavors like cotton candy and gummy bear? Big Tobacco. Who's behind the epidemic of exploding vapes? Big Tobacco. And whenever an opportunistic pol finds a friendly microphone, the media are there to dutifully report that vapor companies are "using the same tactics and ads used by Big Tobacco that proved so effective." 3. Vapor is full of formaldehyde and other scary chemicals The formaldehyde scare came from a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine from the authors of a study at Portland State University in which some cheap top-coil clearomizers were overheated to the point where they burned off the liquid and delivered unvapeable dry hits. Their conclusions have been soundly debunked - including in this recent study by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos. We breathe and eat chemicals every day, but most of them don't affect us. It's true that there are a lot of scary-sounding chemicals in vapor, but they're present in tiny concentrations. Everything we eat, drink, or breathe has chemicals that might be risky to consume in large quantities. But we don't consume them in large quantities. The Royal College of Physicians agrees. In its comprehensive review of e-cigarette science, the College concluded, "In normal conditions of use, toxin levels in inhaled e-cigarette vapour are probably well below prescribed threshold limit values for occupational exposure, in which case significant long-term harm is unlikely." 4. Big Tobacco invented e-cigarettes and owns the vapor industry E-cigarettes were developed and first sold by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. The products made it to U.S. shores in 2007. Five years later, in 2012, American cigalike manufacturer Blu was purchased by tobacco company Lorillard. That was the first involvement of the tobacco industry in the sales of vapor products. Since then, all the Big Tobacco companies have introduced e-cigarettes of their own, and it is true that they dominate sales in convenience stores and gas stations - the traditional source of cigarette sales. However, Wells Fargo tobacco industry analyst Bonnie Herzog estimates that the Big Tobacco companies account for less that 40 percent of the whole vapor products market. The rest of the business is the independent manufacturers and sellers that vapers know and love. Here's a secret: adults like sweet, fruity, and dessert flavors just as much as kids do. And it's looking like the tobacco industry is looking for other products to compete in the low-risk nicotine marketplace. That's partly because many of the early vaping patents are owned by Fontem Ventures - a subsidiary of Imperial Brands (formerly known as Imperial Tobacco). Philip Morris International (PMI), British American Tobacco (BAT), and Japan Tobacco International are all pursuing so-called heat-not-burn (HNB) products as alternatives to cigarettes, although so far their introductions have been more hype than anything. PMI claims its IQOS HNB device is converting Japanese smokers at a rapid rate - but nicotine-containing vapes are illegal in Japan, so it's not exactly a fair fight. Both IQOS and BAT's HNB device called Glo are seeking approval from the FDA as Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTP). The federal agency has never granted an MRTP approval before. 5. Vaping causes popcorn lung! Some e-liquid contains diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, buttery flavorings that are thought to have caused a condition called popcorn lung (actual name: bronchiolitis obliterans) in some flavoring factory workers almost two decades ago. But there has never been a diagnosed case of popcorn lung in a vaper. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any cases of popcorn lung in cigarette smokers either - even though cigarettes contain between 100 and 750 times the diacetyl of e-cigarettes. And as vaping gets more (usually negative) attention in the press, and anti-vaping public health activists watch closely, it seems less and less likely that any real connection between vaping and popcorn lung would be missed. 6. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin Nicotine may cause dependence, but there is a lot of debate about whether "addictive" is even the correct term for a drug that causes no permanent damage to most users. It's probably more accurate to say that cigarette smoking is addictive. When you inhale smoke, nicotine is delivered quickly to the bloodstream and the brain, producing a rapid reward that the brain craves again and again. Tobacco smoke also has other constituents like ammonia that increase the smoker's desire for more. It's not just the presence of nicotine that makes smoking addictive. Other kinds of nicotine products deliver it with less of an addictive punch. The FDA says nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products like gum and patches "do not appear to have significant potential for abuse or dependence." There's no reason to assume that vaping is any more addictive than those products. And, in fact, a 2014 study from two well-known nicotine researchers concluded that, "E-cigarettes may be as or less addictive than nicotine gums, which themselves are not very addictive." So.not only not as addictive as heroin, but not as addictive as nicotine gum - which the FDA says isn't addictive at all. 7. Exploding vapes...everyone panic! Having failed to prove any serious health risks, "vape explosions" have become the fear industry's story of choice lately. The news stories, as always, are regularly helped along by the inane jabbering of cooperative politicians like Sen. Chuck Schumer. The truth is that there have been very few fires or explosions from vapor products. And most of those have been caused by user error, including many from mishandling of batteries. Almost all of these accidents could have been avoided with a little education on battery safety. By contrast, fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking cause tremendous damage and death. The National Fire Protection Association estimated that in 2011 alone 90,000 fires were caused by smoking, resulting in more than 500 deaths, 1,600 injuries, and $621 million in property damage. Of course, comparing that level of damage to vape accidents is never done. It just wouldn't suit the anti-vaping narrative. 8. Vaping is a gateway to smoking The claim that vaping will lead teenagers to smoke is widely repeated and completely unproven. The studies that claim to show a gateway often turn out to be poorly constructed, rely on tiny samples, or use Rube Goldberg methodology. Mostly though they ignore a concept - well known to social researchers - called common liability. Common liability says that the teenagers that try vaping are likely to also be the ones that try smoking, or marijuana, or drinking - or any risky behavior. Clive Bates, in his excellent guide to navigating gateway studies, concluded, "When you look at the full picture the data far more consistent with the vaping gateway being an 'exit' from smoking than an entrance." He's right. With fewer teens and adults smoking than anytime since we began counting them, even if vaping isn't responsible for all the kids not smoking, it's clearly not causing a massive uptake in cigarette use. 9. Flavors are a marketing trick to hook kids It's all about bubblegum and cotton candy. Those are the e-liquid flavors that drip from every politician's lips when they denounce the vapor industry for trying to "addict a new generation." But those sorts of flavors are only sold by companies that don't advertise to the general public, and they really aren't available anywhere children can (legally) get them. We also know from government-funded surveys that the majority of vaping teens are using nicotine-free e-liquid. Now I ask you, what sort of genius businessperson would build a sales strategy around selling the non-addictive version of an unadvertised product illegally to underage purchasers? Here's a secret: adults like sweet, fruity, and dessert flavors just as much as kids do. Further, ex-smokers find that those flavors help distance them from the experience of combustible tobacco. I don't know any vaper that doesn't use "kid flavors." I also don't know any adult - vaper or not - who doesn't like candy, fruit, or pastry. The floor of the U.S. Senate - the very place many of these claims originate from - has a desk full of candy, which the very, very adult senators share.
  7. Yeah there's some good advise. I know I started with a Velocity deck and they are very easy to build. Tsunami and Troll V2 are a couple that come to mind. The tsunami can yield great flavor and clouds (if that's your thing) depending on your coils, but it's bottom air flow so it's easy to overdrip.The Troll v2 has side airflow and is a bit more forgiving of over dripping, Good luck.
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  9. Well I managed to purchase a used one last night plus a few other items for a decent price. So far I'm pretty happy with it. debating if i wish to make it my new work mod or not since my alien has been beaten 1/2 an inch away from its life.
  10. One of the world’s most prestigious medical organizations has delivered a groundbreaking 200-page report that supports e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking and demolishes several vaping myths in the process. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), the most respected medical institution in the United Kingdom, concluded e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than regular cigarettes and are likely to be hugely beneficial to public health. Titled “Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction,” the report is one of the most comprehensive ever published examining e-cigarettes and could be a game changer for health officials and politicians all over the world. The RCP’s seminal 1962 report, which demonstrated the link between smoking, lung disease and bronchitis spurred the U.S. Surgeon General to publish the historic 1964 “Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the United States.” The RCP’s new report tears apart scare stories, including the ever-more popular idea that vaping is somehow a gateway to smoking. “To date, there is no evidence that any of these processes is occurring to any significant degree in the UK,” said the report’s authors. (RELATED: CDC Admits, No ‘Concrete’ Evidence E-Cigarettes Are Gateway To Smoking) The authors are emphatic there is no evidence e-cigarette use has in any way “renormalized” smoking. “None of these products has to date attracted significant use among adult never-smokers, or demonstrated evidence of significant gateway progression into smoking among young people.” One of the most damaging myths about e-cigarettes that caught fire in 2015 was e-cigarettes don’t actually help smokers quit. (RELATED: Study Claiming E-Cigarettes Make Quitting Harder Exposed As ‘Unscientific Hatchet Job’) Contrary to the claims of some public health activists in the U.S., the RCP is clear: e-cigarettes can help smokers kick their habit for good. “Among smokers, e-cigarette use is likely to lead to quit attempts that would not otherwise have happened, and in a proportion of these to successful cessation. In this way, e-cigarettes can act as a gateway from smoking.” (RELATED: Study Finds E-Cigarettes Raise Chances Of Quitting, ‘Can Save Lives’) The RCP does not claim vaping is totally safe, as vapers inhale nicotine and flavorings. But they conclude any risk to vapers is likely to be “very small, and substantially smaller than that arising from tobacco smoking.” Concurring with a previous report by Public Health England, RCP believes the health risks to vapers is unlikely to reach more than five percent of the risks associated with smoking. The report also warns overzealous policymakers to resist the temptation to regulate e-cigarettes in a way that would stifle innovation or discourage use. “This report lays to rest almost all of the concerns over these products, and concludes that, with sensible regulation, electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death, disease and social inequalities in health that smoking currently causes in the UK,” said Professor John Britton, chair of the RCP’s Tobacco Advisory Group. “Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever,” he added. Those most applauding the study’s conclusions are e-cig groups who have been fighting an onslaught of attacks from politicians and dubious public health researchers. (RELATED: Read The Stunning Correction This Scientist Dropped On Her Own Anti-E-Cig Study) “When the RCP told the truth about cigarettes in 1962, it took two years for the U.S. government to play catch up and release its own report. It should not take two months, let alone two years, for American public health authorities to correct their past misstatements about vaping. The FDA and CDC must seriously consider the RCP’s guidance before moving forward on any new regulations or public campaigns about smoke-free nicotine products,” said Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. “For those in mainstream tobacco control, the question for them is, how can you dismiss this report out of hand? The authors are credible experts without financial conflicts of interest in tobacco or vapor products. At some point, these groups will have to realize that the science has long outpaced their rhetoric,” Conley added. Cancer charities added their voices to the chorus of praise for the RCP’s report. “This important report is an accurate summary of the latest scientific evidence on e-cigarettes and will help dispel the increasingly common misconception that they’re as harmful as smoking. They’re not,” said Cancer Research UK’s director of prevention Alison Cox.
  11. Two UK hospitals abolished a ban on the use of e-cigarettes Thursday thanks to overwhelming evidence showing they’re vastly safer than tobacco cigarettes. A National Health Service Trust, which runs two hospitals in the city of Nottingham, revised its position on vaping in light of a groundbreaking report from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), which enthusiastically endorsed e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking. An earlier report published by Public Health England concluded e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. “We have a duty to help our patients and staff make healthy life choices, and can’t ignore the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes as a nicotine replacement therapy,” said Dr. Stephen Fowlie, medical director at the trust. “We’re now allowing e-cigarettes on our grounds to give our patients, staff, and visitors more choice in how they quit smoking,” Fowlie added. “We need to encourage all patients and visitors who smoke and find it difficult to abstain while in hospital grounds to use medicinal nicotine or an electronic cigarette,” said Professor John Britton, a respiratory consultant at the trust and contributor to the RCP report. The RCP’s position is e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than regular cigarettes and are likely to be hugely beneficial to public health. (RELATED: Game Changer: World Leading Medical Group Backs E-Cigarettes) “This report lays to rest almost all of the concerns over these products, and concludes that, with sensible regulation, electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death, disease and social inequalities in health that smoking currently causes in the UK,” said Britton, who also chairs the RCP’s Tobacco Advisory Group. “Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever.”
  12. Starting with the list if products. YiHI-JoyStick Authentic YiHi Joy Stick Button - For Sx550 & SX475 Chips YiHsxminichip-550-200W Chip Authentic YiHi SXmini 550J - Temperature Control - 200W Blue Tooth Chip! Magnets 6mm x 3mm Disc 4mm x 3mm Cyl 18650 Dual Battery Sleds Fat Daddy V4 low profile 510 Connectors 16mm Black Push Button Still looking for a resin or stabilized wood blank..
  13. Results obtained from an air sample of a small non-ventilated vape shop, clearly indicate that the amount of toxic substances present in the air where a lot of vaping is taking place, are of insignificant levels. The California Department of Public Health has been carrying out air sampling in vape shops throughout the state, as part of its initiative to determine the health effects of second-hand vapor exposure. Earlier today in his blog, Public Health Expert Dr. Michael Siegel pointed out that the results for this report were obtained from a relatively small and non-ventilated vape shop, where many of the employees and 13 customers were actively vaping while the sampling was taking place, hence what would be considered a situation presenting a high level of exposure to second-hand vapor. However, given all these unfavourable conditions, the results still reported no dangerous levels of exposure to any hazardous chemicals. “This study, although conducted under very high exposure conditions in a small, non-ventilated vape shop with many employees and customers vaping and clouds of vapor visible, did not document any dangerous levels of exposure to any hazardous chemical.” Dr. Michael Siegel The main results of the air sampling go as follows : Nicotine: Not detected Glycidol: Not detected Formaldehyde: 7.2 ppb Diacetyl: Not detected using standard method 2,3-Pentanedione: Not detected using standard method Acetyl butyryl: Not detected using standard method Acetoin: Not detected using standard method Acetone: Not detected Ethyl benzene: Not detected m,p-Xylene: Not detected o-Xylene: Not detected Toluene: Not detected Acetaldehyde: Not detected Acetonitrile: Not detected alpha-pinene: Not detected Benzene: Not detected Chloroform: Not detected d-Limonene: Not detected Methylene chloride: Not detected Methyl methacrylate: Not detected n-Hexane: Not detected Styrene: Not detected Finally putting fears about formaldehyde to rest? No justification for governments to ban vaping “This study adds to the evidence that under real-life conditions, ‘secondhand vaping’ does not appear to pose any significant health risks.” concluded the public health expert. He added that whilst he himself has been behind many of the smoking bans that took place, based on this current evidence he fails to see a reason as to why governments should ban vaping in public spaces. “With regards to vaping, I just don’t see any reasonable evidence at this time that it poses any significant health hazard to bystanders.”
  14. The NET Balkan is a Heath Extracted NET concentrate. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 10ml Final Strength: 6mg Final PG/VG: PG: 50% / VG: 50% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0% Ingredients Double Chocolate (Dark) (Perfumers Apprentice): 5% Jamaican Rum (Perfumers Apprentice): 3% Honey (Perfumers Apprentice): 0% Balkan Tobacco (NET): 22% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Double Chocolate (Dark) (Perfumers Apprentice) 5.0% 0.50 13 0.54 Jamaican Rum (Perfumers Apprentice) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32 Balkan Tobacco (NET) 22.0% 2.20 55 2.35 PG 11.7% 1.17 29 1.21 VG 50.0% 5.00 125 6.30 Base Nicotine Liquid 8.3% 0.83 21 0.86
  15. The Tennessee Department of Health issued a “public health advisory” last week about “electronic nicotine delivery systems, ENDS, including electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, e-cigars, e-pipes, e-hookahs, personal vaporizers and similar emissions-producing devices.” The 13-point warning covers plenty of ground, and contains the all the usual concerns, along with the expected number of “mays” and “mights.” Nicotine can be toxic, they say. Flavors may be attractive to children. Vapor can contain “formaldehyde, propylene glycol, acetaldehyde, acrolein and tobacco-specific nitrosamines.” Apparently, they get the wording for their public health advisories from Google searches. Big deal, you’re probably saying. We see hilariously bad warnings from public health agencies all the time. Normally, we pay about as much attention as the actual public does (none). Why is this one different? Well, the Tennessee DOH has come up with an exciting new concern — one that showed creativity rarely seen in an office full of people who probably consult a manual before thinking. They could contain strychnine too. They might contain anthrax, for that matter. “Persons should not use ENDS devices offered to them by friends or acquaintances to prevent the spread of illness,” they say. And “more importantly, ENDS can be delivery systems for incapacitating agents such as gamma butyrolactone, GBL, more commonly known as the date rape drug.” Date rape! Winner, champion, best of show, blue ribbon! That’s a worry even Tom Frieden has missed. And no wonder, because there has never, ever been a report of any such thing happening. Could it happen? Yes, and that gum or soda or ice cream a stranger hands you could contain the very same things. Hey, they could contain strychnine too. They might contain anthrax, for that matter. And let’s not forget radioactive polonium while we’re at it. The point is, if someone wants to dose you with anything, there are a million ways. These are the Reefer Madness-level scare tactics the anti-vaping zealots think they need to make an impact on public opinion at this point. They know that Americans have been vaping now for a decade, and none of the frightening outcomes they’ve warned about has come to pass. They’re getting desperate.
  16. Well after my experience with a eGo pen a friend of mine suggested I try a actual mod, so we traveled down to the local the B&M on a Saturday morning, after the better part of a hour debating on either the Snow wolf, or the SMOK Alien I settled on the Alien and haven't looked back. Now down to the good stuff, 7 months later through countless falls from 3' to 5' the mod would hit the ground, battery door would pop open, batteries flying out in every which direction. The mod I would love to say. Still works, the pain on the other hand is something less then desirable but that's only cosmetic. Screen still intact, mod fires all the time in all conditions. For a good mod thats entry level to get you onto the road to vaping weather you want it as a hobby or as a quit smoking concession I would recommend the SMOK Alien 220 hands down. It has proven itself in the work field (Landscaping, Snow clearing during the winter) and just keeps on going!
  17. There "almost" good enough for a try before you buy because there THAT cheap. If you start with one of these its a good chance you won't have a pleasant vaping experience. I would suggest spending a few extra dollers and get the T18 or even T22. At least then you get a bit more of a vaping experience and will enjoy it a bit more.
  18. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 10ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients Cake-Yellow (Flavor West): 3% Cake Batter (Capella): 2% Vanilla Bean Gelato (Perfumers Apprentice): 2% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Capella): 3% Shisha Raspberry (Inawera): 3% Black Currant (Perfumers Apprentice): 1% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Cake-Yellow (Flavor West) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32 Cake Batter (Capella) 2.0% 0.20 5 0.21 Vanilla Bean Gelato (Perfumers Apprentice) 2.0% 0.20 5 0.21 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Capella) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32 Shisha Raspberry (Inawera) 3.0% 0.30 8 0.32 Black Currant (Perfumers Apprentice) 1.0% 0.10 3 0.11 PG 16.0% 1.60 40 1.66 VG 65.8% 6.58 165 8.29 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 0.42 11 0.52
  19. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 10ml Final Strength: 2mg Final PG/VG: PG: 40% / VG: 60% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0% Ingredients Kentucky Bourbon (Perfumers Apprentice): 4% Koolada 10 PG (Perfumers Apprentice): 2% Ethyl Maltol (10%): 1% Caramel (Flavourart): .5% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Kentucky Bourbon (Perfumers Apprentice) 4.0% 0.40 10 0.43 Koolada 10 PG (Perfumers Apprentice) 2.0% 0.20 5 0.21 Ethyl Maltol (10%) 1.0% 0.10 3 0.11 Caramel (Flavourart) 0.5% 0.05 1 0.05 PG 29.7% 2.97 74 3.08 VG 60.0% 6.00 150 7.56 Base Nicotine Liquid 2.8% 0.28 7 0.29
  20. I realize this is a high % of watermelon but it is needed to carry the peppermint, koolada and EM. I've tried many other percentages and found 15% is where it makes this recipe special. A light, refreshing and cooling juice but not short on flavour. Big Melons Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 25ml Final Strength: 6mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients TFA Watermelon: 15% TFA Bubblegum: 3% TFA Koolada: 1% TFA Peppermint: 0.2% TFA Sweetener: 1% Ethyl Maltol (10%): 0.6% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams TFA Watermelon 15.0% 3.75 94 4.01 TFA Bubblegum 3.0% 0.75 19 0.80 TFA Koolada 1.0% 0.25 6 0.27 TFA Peppermint 0.2% 0.05 1 0.05 TFA Sweetener 1.0% 0.25 6 0.27 Ethyl Maltol (10%) 0.6% 0.15 4 0.16 PG 9.2% 2.30 58 2.39 VG 61.7% 15.42 386 19.43 Base Nicotine Liquid 8.3% 2.08 52 2.58
  21. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 30ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 50% / VG: 50% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients Espresso (TFA): 6% Hazlenut (Capella): 3% Caramel (TFA): 2% Bavarian Cream (TFA: 2% Vanilla Swirl (TFA): 4% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Espresso (TFA) 6.0% 1.80 45 1.93 Hazlenut (Capella) 3.0% 0.90 23 0.96 Caramel (TFA) 2.0% 0.60 15 0.64 Bavarian Cream (TFA 2.0% 0.60 15 0.64 Vanilla Swirl (TFA) 4.0% 1.20 30 1.28 PG 33.0% 9.90 248 10.28 VG 45.8% 13.75 344 17.33 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 1.25 31 1.55
  22. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 100ml Final Strength: 5mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 100mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0% Ingredients Tutti Fruitti (Flavor West): 15% Sweetner Tfa: 5% Marshmallow (Flavourart): 5% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Tutti Fruitti (Flavor West) 15.0% 15.00 375 16.05 Sweetner Tfa 5.0% 5.00 125 5.35 Marshmallow (Flavourart) 5.0% 5.00 125 5.35 PG 0.0% 0.00 0 0.00 VG 70.0% 70.00 1,750 88.20 Base Nicotine Liquid 5.0% 5.00 125 5.18
  23. Minimum of 2 weeks steep, preferably more if you can. Two hours in Ultrasonic Cleaner @ 55° also works with 2 days in a dark cupboard after. Bourbon overpowers if not. Delicious creamy inhale with a subtle bourbon exhale. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 30ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 31% / VG: 69% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients Bavarian Cream (Perfumers Apprentice): 6.3% Vanilla Custard (Perfumers Apprentice): 4.7% Kentucky Bourbon (Perfumers Apprentice): 4% Sweet Cream (Perfumers Apprentice): 1% Vanilla Cupcake (Perfumers Apprentice): 6.3% Vanilla Swirl (Perfumers Apprentice): 8% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Bavarian Cream (Perfumers Apprentice) 6.3% 1.89 47 2.02 Vanilla Custard (Perfumers Apprentice) 4.7% 1.41 35 1.51 Kentucky Bourbon (Perfumers Apprentice) 4.0% 1.20 30 1.28 Sweet Cream (Perfumers Apprentice) 1.0% 0.30 8 0.32 Vanilla Cupcake (Perfumers Apprentice) 6.3% 1.89 47 2.02 Vanilla Swirl (Perfumers Apprentice) 8.0% 2.40 60 2.57 PG 0.7% 0.21 5 0.22 VG 64.8% 19.45 486 24.51 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 1.25 31 1.55
  24. Vanilla Custard + Strawberries and Cream Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 30ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0% Ingredients Vanilla Custard (Flavor West) (VG): 27% Strawberries and Cream (Perfumers Apprentice) (VG): 6% Ingredient % of total ml grams Vanilla Custard (Flavor West) (VG) 27.0% 8.10 10.45 Strawberries and Cream (Perfumers Apprentice) (VG) 6.0% 1.80 2.32 PG 25.8% 7.75 8.04 VG 37.0% 11.10 13.99 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 1.25 1.29
  25. Made a 10ml tester, which was nice but I have tweaked slightly. Lowered the maple and upped the Strawberry shortcake and I'm loving it. 50ml now steeping an getting better by the day!!! Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 50ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0% Ingredients Waffle (Capella): 8% Strawberry Shortcake (Flavor West): 5% Maple Pecan (Flavor West): 1% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Waffle (Capella) 8.0% 4.00 100 4.28 Strawberry Shortcake (Flavor West) 5.0% 2.50 63 2.68 Maple Pecan (Flavor West) 1.0% 0.50 13 0.54 PG 11.8% 5.92 148 6.14 VG 70.0% 35.00 875 44.10 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 2.08 52 2.15
  26. Steep for 3/4 weeks shaking twice a day Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 30ml Final Strength: 3mg Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients Pink Lemonade (Capella): 11% Sweet Strawberry (Capella): 6% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Pink Lemonade (Capella) 11.0% 3.30 83 3.53 Sweet Strawberry (Capella) 6.0% 1.80 45 1.93 PG 13.0% 3.90 98 4.05 VG 65.8% 19.75 494 24.89 Base Nicotine Liquid 4.2% 1.25 31 1.55
  27. Recipe details Mix levels Final Amount: 30ml Final Strength: 2mg Final PG/VG: PG: 40% / VG: 60% Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100% Ingredients Apple Fuji (Flavourart): 5.5% Sour Wizard (Flavourart): 4% Sweetener (Perfumers Apprentice): 1.5% Ingredient % of total ml drops grams Apple Fuji (Flavourart) 5.5% 1.65 41 1.77 Sour Wizard (Flavourart) 4.0% 1.20 30 1.28 Sweetener (Perfumers Apprentice) 1.5% 0.45 11 0.48 PG 29.0% 8.70 218 9.03 VG 57.2% 17.17 429 21.63 Base Nicotine Liquid 2.8% 0.83 21 1.03
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