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  1. Approximately 10% of Aspire Products Sold Are Fakes: Here’s How to Check if Yours is One of Them

    Aspire Vape Co. released an official statement on their website today claiming that roughly 10% (exact number unknown) of “Aspire” products sold in retail stores are actually fake. They attribute this to a rogue distributor who is mixing fakes in with the real ones to help lower costs.

    From the statement:


    As of recently a new investigation has taken place, we are piecing the puzzle together with the help of the community to locate which distributor(s) are responsible.

    So how do fakes get into the market?

    Aspire works with different partners such as us (Aspire Vape Co) who accommodate different countries, each with slightly different roles. However when a partner sells to other distributors, a corrupt distributor may use an authentic to produce many thousand fake ones, then the fake batches get mixed with real ones that eventually flood into retail stores.

    The problem can be hard to locate because for every 10 real tanks for example 1 will be a fake one. Then when a retail shop sells 10 tanks to different consumers, only one comes back with issues. Eventually retail shops deny it and claiming that the user damaged the product because the other 9 he/she sold never had issues.

    What’s in it for the corrupt distributor? Why sell fakes?

    By blending a small portion of fakes in with real ones, a corrupt distributor can drop the price per tank by a small portion. However when a retail shop buys large amounts of product, a small portion saved on each piece will add up to become a big amount of money.

    Aside from the extra profit, the corrupt distributor also saves money by being able to sell products quickly at an attractive price. Therefore they are able liquidate Inventory to money to avoid having cash tied into inventory for long periods of time.


    Yikes. So how can you tell if your Aspire product is genuine? The statement went on to show you how you can verify the authenticity of your products:


    There are 3 points of information on every one of our products and 1 source of verification on our website.

    As an example I will use a Cleito EXO packaging paper as an example.


    In this image you will see a Bar code with the SKU numbers underneath it. Underneath that you will find a scratch bar. In this example the box has been scratched and reveals a 20 digit Product ID number.

    This number can be submitted on our website https://aspirevapeco.com/check-authenticity/


    After the search is submitted you will be told if it is a fake or not, but more importantly it will tell you how many times that ID number has been searched, and that is very important.

    Since corrupt distributors will buy an authentic one to reproduce fake ones, often times the search result will say authentic, but it will also bring up multiple searches on the ID number.

    If this is the case we want you to take pictures of your packaging including an additional SKU number which is called the “Distributors SKU” it is often smaller and will be underneath the package as you will see below.


    Email us at Marketing@aspirevapeco.com .

    Include the following.

    • Overall product and packaging
    • Bar code/SKU
    • Product ID number
    • Distributor SKU
    • Where you bought it.

    With this information we can pin down the distribution that this product was given to then we can eventually find out who made a fake version. We will also use the location of where it was bought so we can ask which distributor they purchased it from.

    With the help of the community we can put an end to this, I want to thank everyone that has gone to our website and submitted the ID number. This is not just an issue in our company, but it is an issue industry wide. As a vape community we can come together to ensure the best experience for everyone. No one deserves to pay premium price for a fake product. Thank you.

    If you’re using an Aspire tank or mod (let’s be real, almost everyone has at least one), it’s definitely worthwhile to find out if it’s actually genuine. If you’re about to buy a product and the price seems a little bit too cheap, you should probably pass on the deal. As always, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.


  2. Vape Fails – and How to Avoid Them

    It never fails.

    One day you’re vaping along, finally feeling comfortable and confident with your new device, looking forward to each new extravagant plume of vapor to greet your lungs, and then all the sudden – BAM! You get hit with the noxious taste of a dry hit, or your vape is suddenly so constricted that you get a weak hit.

    Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But there are a few things you can do to avoid making common mistakes that lead to vape fails.

    Dry Hits

    A dry hit happens when you fire your vape and there is no e-liquid to be found. Instead, the coil heats up and starts to burn off some of the residue left from your last refill. The flavor is a strong, nasty punch that will definitely make you scrunch up your face in dismay.

    Usually your vape will start changing flavor a little at a time as your tank gets low, but if you insist on carrying on, this will be your reward. Try to stay ahead of it by refilling your tank when you first notice a change in flavor and checking your level often. If you are using a drip-style device, be extra careful between hits.

    Spit Back

    You hold your device up to your lips, press the firing button and all the sudden you hear a sputtering sound before you get a splatter of e-juice on your tongue.

    Obviously e-juice is not made for you to drink, and the flavor is nothing like what it tastes like in vapor form. Spit back is caused by overfilling your tank or clearomizer. When the liquid has nowhere to go, it ends up coming up through the mouthpiece and directly into your mouth.

    Meanwhile, since your coils are waterlogged, they are unable to fire effectively, leaving you without vapor to inhale. Most devices have a max fill line marked somewhere on the tank to keep you from overflowing. However, you should be sure to refill your tank slowly to keep from accidentally flooding it.

    Weak Hits

    Choosing the wrong nicotine strength for your e-liquid or the wrong PG/VG ratio for it may cause a weak hit. Using the wrong style of device could also cause a weak hit.

    Advanced personal vaporizers were designed to give you a stronger hit than a cig-a-like product, but even within the vape mod sphere, there are still many performance differences to watch out for. For instance, dripping tends to produce a significantly stronger flavor and nicotine hit than a tank-style device.

    If all else fails, double check your batteries to make sure they are charged enough to give you a big strong hit.

    Kissing the Dragon

    The name “kissing the dragon” may sound thrilling, but in reality it is one of the biggest vape fails you will ever have the displeasure of experiencing.

    This unfortunate event happens when you’ve removed the top cap of your drip atomizer to add some e-liquid. Then, without thinking, you fire the button and bring the device up to your lips, forgetting to replace the mouthpiece. The result is that your lips come directly into contact with those hot coils, and you have officially kissed the dragon.

    More than one unlucky vaper has recoiled violently and dropped their device out of shock. What’s more, this fail is almost solely relegated to experienced vapers because dripping is not usually a beginner-level activity.

    It happens most often to those who have become so comfortable with their devices that they fail to pay close attention to precautionary measures any longer. Anyone who’s ever done it will tell you that it’s a very memorable experience.

    Battery Explosions

    Of course, battery explosions are their own category of vape fails. Since all of the battery explosions reported thus far have been a result of user error, this is a good time to talk about preventing them.

    First of all, don’t allow your batteries to overheat in your car or on a charger. Batteries that are left on a charger too long will begin to swell before finally exploding. If you notice that a battery has started to exhibit signs of swelling, unplug the charger, let it cool completely and get rid of it. Don’t try to continue using damaged batteries.

    Next, make sure you keep your batteries in an appropriate case when you are transporting them. It is helpful to carry a spare set of batteries on you while you’re out for the day, but having them in your pocket with loose change or your car keys can have dire consequences.

    Bad Advice for New Vapers

    You want vaping to be a fun, enjoyable experience. These five vape fails are known to ruin a perfectly good afternoon. The best practice is to never get too relaxed around your device. It takes patience and care to maintain your vape in good condition and get the best out of it.

    Vape Tips

    Nobody is perfect and human error often leads to the vape fails described above. At Vape Tips, we understand that the best vape equipment can produce the best vape experiences, despite the occasional user misstep, which is whey we are proud to offer our customers an excellent selection of top-quality vape tips, vape products and e-juices.

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    How to Use Temperature Controls on Your Vape

    You just got home with your very first temperature control device, and you unwrap it with increasing excitement. The shiny new box MOD looks impressive in your hands, but now what?

    Learning to use the temperature control settings on your vape MOD can be challenging and time consuming. No two devices are exactly alike, and generational differences often mean that menus change from one model to the next.

    So where do you begin?

    Choosing Coils

    Today, there are a wide range of coils available specifically for temperature control devices. For the most part you will be working with Ni200 or Stainless Steel (SS316L) coils. Hopefully, you checked your device before you brought it home to ensure you have the correct type of coils on hand.

    Most of today’s devices are compatible with both, but some devices are specific to Ni200 coils, and this is very important information to know. Double check your coils to make sure they are compatible with your device and then install them in your atomizer as normal. Then install your atomizer and tank onto your device securely. Stainless Steel coils (SS316L) coils can be fired in both variable wattage and temperature control mode. Stainless Steel performs best in temperature control mode.

    Selecting Your Mode

    The next step in your setup process is to select the temperature control mode you will be using. Depending on your device, this can go several different ways, and you may need the assistance of your user manual to figure out the menu for the first time.

    Some devices have a single temperature control mode option in the menu, followed by a choice between Ni200, titanium, Stainless Steel or TCR in a separate menu. Other devices let you choose between the two separate settings in the home menu. Amazingly, some of the latest devices to hit shelves actually sense your coils and select the correct mode for you.

    Again, if you are having trouble figuring out your menu, your user manual should provide details on where to find everything. The good news is that options have gotten much simpler to use and have larger screens to make menu navigation very easy.

    Base Settings

    In order to ensure that your device is functioning properly and that all temperature control operations are accurate, you first need to lock in your resistance at room temperature. Setting a base line temperature without electricity going through the coil will establish all temperature sensing as your coils heat up.

    In general, it is recommended that you set your device at low wattage alongside low temperature to prevent your coil from burning. Some devices will limit your ability to change your wattage in TC mode as it handles all of those adjustments for you. So, you can just set your target temperature and go from there.

    Starting with too high of a temperature at first can be shocking. That’s why we recommend starting on the low end, taking a few hits, and breaking in your device a little at a time. Try vaping at low temperature, making sure your coils really are hitting that target before you turn it up. Also, most mods allow you to adjust your temperature in small increments, so try not to move too fast.

    Getting in the Groove

    If you are working with a high powered device like the Vex 150 TC Mod, you have plenty of room to work with, so start slow and take your time. At each interval, stop and take a few hits. Pay close attention to the fullness of the vapor production and the changes in the flavor profile as different temperatures bring out some flavors better than others.

    Move up the spectrum until you find a comfortable point, and if your device allows you to save your favorites, make sure to put it in its memory bank for future reference.

    For Next Time

    Now that you have set up your temperature control device successfully for the first time, you’ve got a good feel for the way it’s done. It may be slow going at first, but you will get familiar with the menu quickly and soon you will have a good idea of what settings give you the best results so you can narrow down your search for the perfect vape.

    It’s also important to remember that with each new flavor you introduce, you will likely need to experiment up and down a little ways to find the right fit with it.

    Temperature changes will have different impacts depending on the PG/VG ratio, and the type of flavor you are using, so never assume that all e-liquids will perform the same at the same temperature.

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    Vaping Trends You Should Know About

    The world of vaping has become so much of a worldwide phenomenon, making it almost inevitable that vaping would pick up almost a hobbyist type of appeal. Over the years, the vape community has not only changed, but has gotten extensively larger. People from all ages and walks of life, making the change or move to vaping for many different reasons. With this recent surge, the trends surrounding the community have also changed. So what are some of the biggest trends you will see within the vaping community today? That is what we’re going to look at.

    Cloud Chasers
    The biggest trend we have seen making its way across the vaping community comes in the form of “Cloud Chasers”. I understand this term might sound a little amusing to those who don’t understand what it is, but I assure you it’s pretty self-explanatory. Cloud Chasers is the term used for those who strive to get the largest, densest clouds.

    Clouds, in this case, are referring to the exhaled vapor. These Cloud Chasers, more or less, are no longer using the devices for nicotine cravings and more so for the chase of cloud density. It’s actually pretty impressive to see what vapor users are able to do with these devices. If you are someone who is interested in this sort of thing, this is accomplished by using a make VG (vegetable glycerin) juice. VG is one of the two main ingredients in e-juice and it’s responsible for vapor production. They also normally use a juice that is very low in nicotine or absolutely no nicotine.

    This is an area most vapers don’t tread in, because extremely low ohm builds can be a little on the dangerous side if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are competitions held all over the country where these individuals go to show off their skills. There are mods, atomizers, vape tanks and even e-liquids that are specifically designed for competition use.

    Vape Events and Expos
    Another trend that is popular, even amongst non vapers, are vape meets. These events are pretty much a small “convention” like atmosphere, put on by local vape vendors. They’re sometimes held in bars, all the way to event halls. It’s basically a way for the general public to meet and greet with the local vendors; getting a glimpse of what is all available in their area. Amongst other things, it’s a place where you’ll find local mod builders who use this opportunity to drum up more business. So if you’re a builder or juice maker, these are events you’ll most definitely want to attend.

    If this is too small scale for you, the next step up from vape meets, is the vape expo. These are the Comic-Cons of the vape world. This is where not only local vendors and companies promote their goods, but companies from all over the country. This includes most of the biggest names in the vape industry. Depending on where you live, it may be a little difficult for you to find one nearby. These events usually last 4-5 days and are designed to attract visitors from out of town. If you get an opportunity to attend one of these events, you won’t be disappointed with the amount of vendors and fellow vapers. It’s always fun to meet vapers that don’t come from your general area. Who knows, you might just find that new company that’ll take vaping to the next level for you.

    Custom Vape Mods
    Another of the major trends would be in mod customization. It’s no longer about going to a vape retailer and purchasing a mod, taking it home and being satisfied. People are looking at ways that they can change these mods to make them one of a kind, and more to the owner’s personality. The original form of this came in the form of using a drill press on your atomizers to give your mod custom airflow. Now the popular thing to do is to go to a graphic designer, have them come up with a custom design the fits your mod, and hydro dip the mod. This is basically using water to transfer the image to your mod, without having to actually print on the mod itself. Many people have differences of opinion on this process, but a whole lot of other people really enjoy having this option available to them.

    I guess that leads to the most extensive form of customization, as in being able to go to a manufacturer, and having a mod custom built for you. I know this sounds completely over the top, but there are small companies where you can go online and design a mech mod or box mod, and you give them your specifics that you want. Then, if you have the money to do so, they either build it, or contract it out to a company in mainland China. This is a little on the extreme side and is more than likely out of the realm of possibility for most people. Just remember that the option is out there. If you look around Facebook in the different vaping groups, you will always see small operations promoting their business. You will more than likely find wooden box mods that are unregulated. These are highly sought after among the community, because they are all very unique, and very hard to find in most retail stores.

    If you are curious to learn more about the latest and greatest trends happening within the vaping community, get out there and check it out. Attend the local vape meets I mentioned earlier in your area and meet the people in your community. There is bound to be someone in attendance that will be able to answer any questions you could possibly have. That is one thing you can always count on with vapers, they are all usually very friendly and more than willing to lend a helping hand to someone looking into vaping, or just curious about it.